Electrical Wholesale Services Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 134 ALL-IN-ONE 3CCT DOWNLIGHT • Dimmable • Switchable wattage* • IP65 rated with bezel • Magnetic front** • Plug'n'Play as standard • Fired rated • Available in Emergency • Complete with additional bezels** Additional features: * Wattage and Colour switches accessible under the front bezel **The 5W-8W Downlight has a twist-lock bezel ***The 8W-10W Tilt Downlight has a 25° tilt angle CCT Up to 5 Year Warranty Why choose 3CCT? Space saving Saving on stock value Increased flexibility Eliminates the need for separate stock lines for different colour temperatures, reduces product lines and saves valuable storage space. Further reduce stock holding with our dual-wattage products. Reduced stock lines mean less value tied up in stock! Meet the diverse needs of your customers. You will always be able to satisfy their request, no matter what colour temperature they desire. Your CCT Experience Did you know? At Northgate, we offer an extensive selection of products with innovative colour switchable features. Imagine having one light that can switch between 3 different colour temperatures, catering to the diverse needs of your customers! 3000K WarmWhite 4000K Cool White 6000K Daylight White Code Description 230465 8W-10W All-in-One Switch LED Downlight 230489 8W-10W All-in-One Switch Tilt LED Downlight*** 230472 8W All-in-One Switch LED Downlight 230670 5W-8W All-in-One 4CCT Switch LED Downlight