Electrical Wholesale Services Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 144 VENTILATION SHOWER FAN 3M DUCTING FIXED GRILLE 100mm (4”) FANS 150mm (6”) FANS • Extraction rate up to 25 litres/second or 90m3/hour • Fan Power - 0.32 W/I/s • Noise Level 29dB @3m • Extraction rate up to 71 litres/second or 225m3/hour • Fan Power - 0.4 W/I/s • Noise Level 35dB @3m • PVC reinforced with spirally-wound steel wire • Extraction rate up to 30 litres/second or 107m3/hour • Fan Power - 0.47 W/I/s • Noise Level 33dB @ 3m 4600 Standard 4601 Timer 4603 Timer & Humidistat Deta’s ventilation range includes 4” and 6” extractor fans and accessories that are designed to seamlessly blend into the environment and are suitable for various applications, including kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Slim profile fans are designed to be highly energy efficient and quiet to meet ventilation requirements, with user adjustable timer and humidistat options providing a level of automation to the user and ensuring effective ventilation. 4660 Standard 4661 Timer 4640 Timer 4641 Timer & Light 100mm (4”) 150mm (6”) 3m 4820 4880 6m 4827 4887 100mm (4”) 150mm (6”) Gravity White 4821W 4881W FixedWhite 4822W 4882W Gravity Brown 4821B 4881B Fixed Brown 4822B 4882WB