Electrical Wholesale Services Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 190 The High Performance IEC 309 HP Range comprises over 600 codes including trailing plugs and sockets, and flush mount sockets, from 16-125A, IP ratings range from IP44 to IP69 TERMINAL TYPES Rated Current (A) Rated Voltage Un (V) Frequency Hz Pin Config Ref H Straight Plugs IP44 Straight Plugs IP66/67/68/69 Straight Connectors IP44 Straight Connectors IP66/67/68/69 10º Panel Mount Sockets IP44 10º Panel Mount Sockets IP66/67 16A 100-130V 50/60 Hz 2P+E 4 GW60001H GW60001FH GW60023H GW60023FH GW62001H GW62001FH GW62023H GW62023FH GW62201H GW62201FH GW62224H GW62224FH 16A 200-250V 50/60Hz 2P+E 6 GW60004H GW60004FH GW60026H GW60026FH GW62004H GW62004FH GW62026H GW62026FH GW62205H GW62205FH GW62227H GW62227FH 16A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+E 6 GW60008H GW60008FH GW60030H GW60030FH GW62008H GW62008FH GW62030H GW62030FH GW62209H GW62209FH GW62231H GW62231FH 16A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+N+E 6 GW60009H GW60009FH GW60031H GW60031FH GW62009H GW62009FH GW62031H GW62031FH GW62210H GW62210FH GW62232H GW62232FH 32A 100-130V 50/60 Hz 2P+E 4 GW60012H GW60012FH GW60034H GW60034FH GW62012H GW62012FH GW62034H GW62034FH GW62213H GW62213FH GW62235H GW62235FH 32A 200-250V 50/60Hz 2P+E 6 GW60015H GW60015FH GW60037H GW60037FH GW62015H GW62015FH GW62037H GW62037FH GW62216H GW62216FH GW62238H GW62238FH 32A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+E 6 GW60019H GW60019FH GW60041H GW60041FH GW62019H GW62019FH GW62041H GW62041FH GW62220H GW62220FH GW62242H GW62242FH 32A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+N+E 6 GW60020H GW60020FH GW60042H GW60042FH GW62020H GW62020FH GW62042H GW62042FH GW62221H GW62221FH GW62243H GW62243FH 63A 200-250V 50/60Hz 2P+E 6 GW61016H GW61048H GW63016H GW63048H GW63216H GW63249H 63A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+E 6 GW61020H GW61052H GW63020H GW63052H GW63220H GW63253H 63A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+N+E 6 GW61021H GW61053H GW63021H GW63053H GW63221H GW63254H 125A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+E 6 x GW60060H x GW62060H x GW62261H 125A 380-415V 50/60Hz 3P+N+E 6 x GW60061H x GW62061H x GW62262H GW61016H GW63016H GW61053H GW63053H GW63254H GW63216H (Fast Wiring) Screwless Terminal (FH) Screw Terminal (H) Mantle Terminal for 63-125A version (H) High resistance to mechanical stress, even at low temperatures Nickel plated contacts prevent oxidisation ensuring maximum conductivity in harsh environments Easy, one hand opening and closing Captive glands on IP44 and IP67 versions to secure the cable and maintain the IP rating Colour coded terminals and fast wiring codes that end in FH Scan to watch our Product video & download Improved electrical safety with the double clamp mantle terminals (63A-125A) High Ingress Protection, up to IP69 Overmoulding is used on the cover & the cable gland to obtain superior grip in harsh environments (63A-125A) www.gewiss.com