Electrical Wholesale Services Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 197 To select the required finish please replace the '--' with the following (*where applicable): 4832/-- 13A DP Switched FCU 4832/3-- 13A DP Switched FCU with Neon 4837/-- 13A DP Switched FCU with Flex Outlet 4837/3-- 13A DP Switched FCU with Neon and Flex Outlet 4831/-- 13A Unswitched FCU 4831/3-- 13A Unswitched FCU with Neon FUSED CONNECTION UNITS RAISED DECORATIVE WIRING ACCESSORIES 4314/-- 13A SP 1G Switched Socket 4314/D-- 13A DP 1G Switched Socket 4314/3D-- 13A DP 1G Switched Socket with Neon 4316/-- 13A SP 2G Switched Socket 4316/D-- 13A DP 2G Switched Socket 4316/3D-- 13A DP 2G Switched Socket with Neon 4316USB/--/D 13A DP Switched Socket with Dual USB Outlets 2.1A 2340/-- 5A Round 3 Pin Switched Socket SOCKETS 4018/-- 3A Key Card Switch 6017/-- 6A Three Pole Isolator Switch 4011/-- 20A DP Switch 4011/3-- 20A DP Switch with Neon 4011/31-- 20A DP Switch with Neon marked 'WATER HEATER' 4014/3-- 20A DP Switch with Neon and Flex Outlet 4012/3-- 32A DP Switch with Neon 4522/3-- 45A DP 2G Cooker Control Unit with Neon 4601/3-- 45A DP 1G Switch with Neon 4512/-- 50A DP 2G Switch 4512/3-- 50A DP 2G Switch with Neon CONTROL SWITCHES 2411/-- Shaver Socket Dual Voltage 6575/-- 1G Blank Plate 6577/-- 2G Blank Plate 8283/-- Telephone Master Socket 8284/-- Telephone Secondary Socket 8265/-- 1W Co-Axial Socket Direct Connection 8266/-- 2W Co-Axial Socket Direct Connection OTHER ACCESSORIES SC Satin Chrome White Insert SCBK Satin Chrome Black Insert PB Polished Brass White Insert PBBK Polished Brass Black Insert HPC Polished Chrome White Insert HPCBK Polished Chrome Black Insert BZ Bronze White Insert BZBK Bronze Black Insert SS Stainless Steel White Insert SSBK Stainless Steel Black Insert PSS Polished Steel White Insert Note: Some items may be made to order 6170/-- 10AX 1G 2W Switch 6172/-- 10AX 2G 2W Switch 6173/-- 10AX 3G 2W Switch 6175/-- 10AX 1G Intermediate Switch 6096/-- 10A 1G 2W Retractive Switch 1250W/-- 250W 1G 2W Dimmer 2250W/-- 250W 2G 2W Dimmer 1400W/-- 400W 1G 2W Dimmer 2400W/-- 400W 2G 2W Dimmer 1100W/--LED 5-100W 1G 2W LED Dimmer 2100W/--LED 5-100W 2G 2W LED Dimmer LIGHT SWITCHES 6170/SC 4011/3SC 4314/SC 2411/SC 4832/3SC www.electrium.co.uk