Electrical Wholesale Services Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 30 Product Code Description (100m Hanks) PVC2BLK PVC Sleeving 2mmØ Black PVC2BLUE PVC Sleeving 2mmØ Blue PVC2BROWN PVC Sleeving 2mmØ Brown PVC2G/Y PVC Sleeving 2mmØ Green/Yellow PVC2GREY PVC Sleeving 2mmØ Grey PVC3BLK PVC Sleeving 3mmØ Black PVC3BLUE PVC Sleeving 3mmØ Blue PVC3BROWN PVC Sleeving 3mmØ Brown PVC3G/Y PVC Sleeving 3mmØ Green/Yellow PVC3GREY PVC Sleeving 3mmØ Grey PVC3RED PVC Sleeving 3mmØ Red PVC3WHITE PVC Sleeving 3mmØWhite PVC4BLK PVC Sleeving 4mmØ Black PVC4BLUE PVC Sleeving 4mmØ Blue PVC4BROWN PVC Sleeving 4mmØ Brown PVC4G/Y PVC Sleeving 4mmØ Green/Yellow PVC4GREY PVC Sleeving 4mmØ Grey PVC4RED PVC Sleeving 4mmØ Red PVC4WHITE PVC Sleeving 4mmØWhite PVC6BLK PVC Sleeving 6mmØ Black PVC6BLUE PVC Sleeving 6mmØ Blue PVC6BROWN PVC Sleeving 6mmØ Brown PVC6G/Y PVC Sleeving 6mmØ Green/Yellow PVC6GREY PVC Sleeving 6mmØ Grey PVC6RED PVC Sleeving 6mmØ Red PVC10-BLK PVC Sleeving 10mmØ Black PVC10-BLUE PVC Sleeving 10mmØ Blue PVC10-BROWN PVC Sleeving 10mmØ Brown PVC10-G/Y PVC Sleeving 10mmØ Green/Yellow PVC10-GREY PVC Sleeving 10mmØ Grey PVC10-RED PVC Sleeving 10mmØ Red PVC10-YELLOW PVC Sleeving 10mmØ Yellow PVC15-BLK PVC Sleeving 16mmØ Black PVC15-BLUE PVC Sleeving 16mmØ Blue PVC15-BROWN PVC Sleeving 16mmØ Brown PVC15-GREY PVC Sleeving 16mmØ Grey PVC15-RED PVC Sleeving 16mmØ Red PVC16-G/Y PVC Sleeving 16mmØ Green/Yellow PVC16-YELLOW PVC Sleeving 16mmØ Yellow The Termination Technology range of PVC sleeving is suitable for general purpose. Providing insulation to the cores of a cable, protecting it from damage that can come from movement, weather, chemicals and other hazards. Available in a range of sizes and colours in bulk hanks and drums as well as smaller 5m packs. Product Code Description BE2025 Conduit Bender for M20/M25 rigid conduit Code Description Length No Link EBC008 8 Way 345mm EBC010 10 Way 415mm EBC012 12 Way 485mm EBC014 14 Way 555mm EBC016 16 Way 625mm EBC018 18 Way 695mm EBC020 20 Way 765mm 1 Link EBC104 4 Way 335mm EBC106 6 Way 405mm EBC108 8 Way 475mm EBC110 10 Way 545mm EBC112 12 Way 615mm EBC114 14 Way 720mm EBC116 16 Way 770mm EBC118 18 Way 840mm EBC120 20 Way 910mm 2 Link EBC204 4 Way 440mm EBC206 6 Way 510mm EBC208 8 Way 580mm EBC210 10 Way 650mm EBC212 12 Way 720mm EBC214 14 Way 825mm EBC216 16 Way 895mm EBC218 18 Way 965mm EBC220 20 Way 1035mm Product Code Description (100m Hanks) PAXO10MM1200X1200 1200mm x 1200mm x 10mm PAXOLIN1200X1200 1200mm x 1200mm x 6mm PAXOLIN1200X1200UW 1200mm x 1200mm x 6mm Unwrapped PAXOLIN1200X600 1200mm x 600mm x 6mm PAXOLIN300X300 300mm x 300mm x 6mm PAXOLIN600X600 600mm x 600mm x 6mm PAXOLIN900X900 900mm x 900mm x 6mm PVC SLEEVING The Termination Technology Single Link Earth Bars are manufactured to order in house, providing a convenient earthing point for electrical installations requiring an Earthing and Lightning protection system. Assembled with 50mm x 6mm copper mounted on an aluminium base plate using stand off insulators. Standard configuration used of 6x M10 studs before the link and 1x M10 after the link, all spaced at 35mm centres. The disconnection link is used to offer a break in the connection to earth to allow for the testing of an earth rod whilst disconnected from the Lightning protection system. EARTH BARS 50 x 6mm EARTH BARS COPPER M10 STUDS PAXOLIN SHEETS PHENOLIC PAPER LAMINATE SHEET CONDUIT BENDER