Electrical Wholesale Services Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 57 FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHTS • 30, 60, 90 Minutes Fire Rated (Timber Joist) • 30 Minutes Fire Rated Staircraft i-Joist • 30 Minutes Fire Rated Wolf System Metal Web Joist • Loop-in Loop-Out Quick Connect Push Terminals • Compliant to; Part B - Fire, Part C - Moisture, Part E - Acoustic & Part L Air Leakage • Open Vent Design - Improves Lamp Life • Low Profile With Ultra Slim Twist & Lock Bezel iCan75 Bezels* iCan75 Platinum Bezels* Multiples* Bezels SuppliedWith Black AndWhite Baffles *Item(s) Sold Separately AFDP75 AFD75 9WMini LED Baffled Downlight Colour Fixed Adjustable IP65 Polar White AFD75BZ/F/WH AFD75BZ/A/WH AFD75BZ/IP/WH Polished Chrome AFD75BZ/F/PC AFD75BZ/A/PC AFD75BZ/IP/PC Satin Nickel AFD75BZ/F/SN AFD75BZ/A/SN AFD75BZ/IP/SN Carbon Black AFD75BZ/F/BLK AFD75BZ/A/BLK AFD75BZ/IP/BLK Style Code Solo Plate AFD75/M/01 Duet Plate AFD75/M/02 Trio Plate AFD75/M/03 Quad Plate AFD75/M/04 Colour Fixed Adjustable Polar White AFDP75BZ/F/WH AFDP75BZ/A/WH Carbon Black AFDP75BZ/F/BLK AFDP75BZ/A/BLK Plaster-In* Colour Code Polar White AFD75/TK/WH Carbon Black AFD75/TK/BLK Fire Rated GU10 Downlights Convertor Plates* Colour Code Polar White AFD75/CP/WH Polished Chrome AFD75/CP/PC Satin Nickel AFD75/CP/SN Carbon Black AFD75/CP/BLK Temp. Code 3000K AFDMR11/30 4000K AFDMR11/40 2 Fittings, 3 Colours, 4 Finishes Colour Fixed Adjustable Polar White AFD05/F/WH/CCT AFD05/A/WH/CCT Polished Chrome AFD05/F/PC/CCT AFD05/A/PC/CCT Satin Nickel AFD05/F/SN/CCT AFD05/A/SN/CCT Carbon Black AFD05/F/BK/CCT AFD05/A/BK/CCT 5W IP65 CCT Selectable Dimmable LED Fire Rated Downlight • CCT Selectable (3000K / 4000K / 6000K) • Ultra Slim Low Profile Bezel • Insulation Coverable Dim to Zero Technology OptiDim technology gives the lamp flicker free dimming from full power to zero on most dimmers Fixed Adjustable Featuring Insulation Covers AFD75/IC AFDP75/IC Accessories For iCan75, iCan75 Platinum & Atom ALL LED GU10 LAMPS* DIMMER* 7W Jaguar AGU700D 4.7W Caterham AGU470D 150W Dimmer All Dim ADIM/150W 5.5W Morgan AGU501D Dimmable LED Fire Rated Downlights Black Baffle Magnetic Bezel White Baffle Insulation Cover Fixed Bezels* Adjustable Bezels* Colour Code Polar White AFD010BZ/WH Polished Chrome AFD010BZ/PC Satin Nickel AFD010BZ/SN Carbon Black AFD010BZ/BK Matt White/White Baffle AFD010BZ/MWMW Matt White/Black Baffle AFD010BZ/MWBB Colour Code Polar White AFD110ADJBZ/WH Polished Chrome AFD110ADJBZ/PC Satin Nickel AFD110ADJBZ/SN Matt White AFD110ADJBZ/MW AFDMR11 Plaster-In* Included As Standard Colour Code Fixed AFD010TK Adjustable AFD110ADJTK AFD110ADJD Adjustable AFD010D Fixed Featuring IP Glass, Honeycomb & Interchangeable Baffles 1 Can, 3 Bezels, 4 Finishes Temp. Code 3000K AFD010D/30 4000K AFD010D/40 Temp. Code 3000K AFD110ADJD/30 4000K AFD110ADJD/40 Overall Ø91mm Cutout 75mm Diameter Overall Ø91mm Cutout 75mm Diameter Overall 150mm Diameter Overall Ø91mm Cutout 75mm Diameter Overall Ø82mm Cutout 65mm Diameter Overall Ø98mm Cutout 85mm Diameter Overall Ø70mm Cutout 50mm Diameter